Short Haircuts Professional Look



Short Haircuts Professional Look

When it comes to interviews, the old rule of dressing for the job you want is paramount. After all, if you don’t look at the role, you can only be turned over for someone who does. While your clothes naturally play a crucial role in how you are perceived, your hair can be just as important. Whether the locks are neatly tied to a bun or loose and wild may be the difference between tipping the odds in your favor or making the interviewer question whether you really work or not.

Smooth Bob
If you’re not convinced by the power and sophistication of a smooth bob, look no further than Anna Wintour. The editor-in-chief of Vogue has been rocking her hairstyle for years and continues to dominate the industry.

Textured Crop
Add some texture to make sure your short hair doesn’t look straight and dull in your next interview. A textured product can create a sleek and contemporary look without looking messy or backward. All you have to do is add some texturised spray to allow the strands to moist and dry.

Short and undulating
Short hair can look sleek and modern when worn with a soft wave. Choose between a middle piece and a side piece to find the style that best suits you and the location you’re applying. A central part is seen as serious, while a side part appears more attainable


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