Short Haircut Women 2019


The graphic form and strong transitions of ponies and sides form the distinctive appearance of the shortcut. Delicate tones, but also strong tones set the hair for beautiful accents of short hair.
Anyone who likes excesses in short hairstyles can safely sit down and continue reading in 2019. The graphic cuts, perfectly cut with shades of pink and purple, blue and red or black and white, are certainly admirable. Short hair with strongly accented lips and impressively dyed eyes is dramatically staged.

Short Haircut Women 2019

The ‘ 80s short hairstyle is also experiencing a revival in 2019. While the lateral parts are quite short, soft gradual eruptions are scanned into the face. Shades of dark brown with dark red highlights bring the cult year to life. Mushroom heads and the 80’s styles are in fashion. New versions of the step cut appear relaxed and relaxed. A thin undercut, narrow side parts, variations in length on the top and back of the head cause greater volume and lightness. She would certainly be a proper glowing honey blonde. Short hair trends 2019 can be staged in an entirely new way with the right style.

Another trend among short hairstyles is the appearance of the Garcon or the appearance of the child. Above its head, as on the sides, it is kept extremely short and often somewhat cluttered. The short-cut, round pony looks very feminine in contrast to the cheeky upright styled strands and pointed side parts. The Garcon cut can be sleeker and more comfortable with straighteners or hair dryers, styling the entire hairstyle.

Short haircuts look particularly feminine, hairy cut and quite unfritzt. They play around the face and look soft. Garcon cut, asymmetric shorthair bob and 80ies short hair have something in common-they can be styled and fall off quickly and easily!n uncomplicated summer look quickly turns into a sophisticated and elegant style for the evening.


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