Short Haircut vs undercut 2019


It’s a perfect representation of how versatile this haircut can be when it comes to style. Here you have a haircut styled in two very different ways. On the left the hair has plenty of volume created by a blowtorch. If you have thick hair like this man, use a stronger grip pomade and shape the front of the hair back to back. On the right, the textured tresses returned to a messy crop look. Two cool underside hairstyles for men! This modern take is called an undercut fade.

Short Haircut vs undercut 2019

1]  Another great example of how to shape a haircut in two completely different ways. At the top the hair is dried backwards and held in place with the mid-hold Pomad. Or use a stronger grip pomate and bring long textures to life with a messy wavy look. A haircut can be all business or all party styled … make your choice!

.2]   A very high bald fade that sharply cuts long flowing hair. To achieve this look, either dry the towel or blow dry and brush the hair back off face. A great example of a man’s long hair is from the bottom, which you can get if you want longer hair.

3]   This haircut is 100% cool. I love this haircut by one of Mikey’s most creative Barber/stylists. The medium-length thick wavy hair is neatly styled on top with the fringe hanging down to the eyes. The unconnected manicured beard looks great with this very beautiful male hairstyle. The hair is styled to one side and known as a bottom combover.

4]    Long bottom. Long hair works very well with this haircut. Again the short edges have been taken quite high, which gives the long hair a lot of movement. Use a blow dryer to set the hair back to shape this haircut. After the hair dries hold the mid pomade and take small amounts of light back into the hair and also to work towards the side.


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