Short Haircut Little Girl 2019


When Shannon Grimm noticed that one of her students was being teased for her short hairdo, she found the perfect way to make herself feel better: they were able to cut and match her own hair. Five-year-old Prisilla had her hair cut after a severe case of headlice. Embarrassed by her newly cropped hair, she wore a hat to school and refused to take it off. Later, other students began calling Prisilla a child because of her short hair, and she had difficulty focusing on tears and class. Shannon tried to have class discussions about how girls could have short hair and boys could have long hair but the message didn’t sink in with Prisilla still missing her long hair.

Short Haircut Little Girl 2019

Then, on the winter break, Shannon came up with an idea. She decided to cut her waist-length hair to show off her short hair Prisilla
Shannon came to class after the winter break to show off her new hair. She even made herself and Prisilla matching bows so they could shape their hair in the same way. Prisilla now loves her short ‘ do, and Shannon promised to keep her hair short until Prisilla’s grows out.


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