Short Haircut Bowl 2019


Bowl cuts may be a no-no for years, but this unique style is making a huge comeback in the fashion world! Bowl cuts are a hit among women of all ages, thanks to their edgy charm and, of course, their extremely simplicity. We are sure to wow these bowl cuts and styles-perhaps enough to cut the locks completely!

Bowl cut turns edgy in a pinch of biker chic with this unique undercut. Shaved pieces make longer pieces on top of the star of her hairstyle, but leaving them flat and tousled is the perfect choice to showcase the uniqueness of the overall cut. Certainly plenty of wayward attitude is a style for my avant-garde ladies out there.

Short Haircut Bowl 2019

Fierce; there is no other way to define this view. Her hairstyle boasts trendy but ultra-edgy buzz undercuts, with lengthier side-swept pieces that popped just above her eyes for a sexy appeal. Her striking platinum locks are loaded with attitude, only to have some desire enhanced with red hot lips.

With the addition of layers, even a bowl cut can be improved with the body! With Piecey layers, shaved edges and a downright dazzling fairy-like pastel lavender color, this edgy style adds a unique funk.

Instead of going from the classic shaved bottom to the cut, consider humming these sides to allow full-bodied tresses to speak at the top. This is a great choice for thick manes and ladies with attitudes who want to remove some extra bulk in their hair while still indulging in chic, easy-to-manage ‘make.


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