Short Hair Waves Without Curling Iron 2019


Because getting beach waves in short hair is possible as long as you have some patience to test a few different techniques, whether it’s something between a lobe, bob or (ugh, the growth stage)-and your hair in sea salt sprays and texturised sprays.

Short Hair Waves Without Curling Iron 2019

And unfortunately, as I can’t come to your house to help you right now, I got the next best thing: the easiest YouTube tutorials for exactly how to make beach waves in short hair, a curling iron, a flat iron, a wand, or, yes, you don’t even use heat at all. Continue reading(and watching!) how to make it right for your hair type and heat tool abilities
Whaaa?! Short, 4c hair soft without heat, beachy waves? Hell yes, it’s possible and Vlogger Jessica Pettway is showing the world how it is. After straightening a curling cream from your dry, brushed hair, twist the tiny haircuts around your finger and bobby-pin until your head is covered in curls. Fit them in overnight, untie them and shake them for seaside-looking waves
OK, technically, these waves look more romantic, they look more messy than the beach, but hey, not everyone wants to look like an episode of Baywatch. This tutorial is crazy easy-just curl your hair with an inch wand and rake it in for soft waves. If your short hair can’t curl to save your life, spray it with a spray of sea salt before drying your damp hair, then pop your roots and it ends with a texturising spray before and after curling.


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