Short Hair Style Razor Cut Balance 2019


Wow! – what a wonderful transformation! A real’ coming of age ‘ haircut that shows a girl’s transition to a trendy young woman. Its long, thick waves are, of course, spectacular. But there is certainly a subtle transition from bright, urban chic to ‘country-girl’ that projects a contemporary and independent image. Looking at fashion is not just a matter of adapting to current trends, it affects people’s relationship with you. And a short, quick look helps you look efficient at work and attract like-minded men!


Short Hair Style Razor Cut Balance 2019

Young and sassy, this trendy short haircut is a delicate cut by an expert stylist. And the result gives a lot of pride to The Shape of an oval face. The stylist cut the back and sides in short layers with super sharp, conical side points. So in addition to showing off elegant ears, the line also highlights cheekbones. There’s a nice height and texture at the top, a little forward and side-swept quiff. The Quiff softens the forehead line and this style really draws attention to the eye!

Thick hair is ideal for this beautifully shaped short wavy hairstyle. There is a spectacular curve just below the crown, which becomes a steep line towards the nape of the graduate. And this cute haircut is perfect for showing off the model’s beautiful rose tattoo behind one ear. The asymmetrical front includes a side track that adds height to a rounded face, and a face-flattering quiff. And the short side displays a nice curved hairline down to a short, tapered side-spot.
Have you even taken a photo of your stylist showing the front of your favourite celebrity haircut? The problem comes when they ask how you want to cut back! So a flattering fairy haircut for long faces this front, back and side look is the perfect answer. The deep side section provides a strong diagonal line along the face, covering the forehead and shortening a long face. And to minimize an Angular or wide jawline, this part of the face does not have an extra volume of hair on the sides.


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