Short Hair Beach Waves Flat Iron


I have an extreme love / hate relationship with my hair. Therefore, I’m always always always looking for new and different ways to style. It’s not quite straight but it’s definitely not curly. It’s not “Wash ‘n Go hair” and it definitely needs some sort of style before you leave the house without scaring anyone
After years of curling and curling and always getting these tight ringlets, I didn’t know what I was doing. I’m more of a hair tongs just for these relaxed beachy waves…. for me it took a lot of research and practice.

Short Hair Beach Waves Flat Iron

It makes a difference which way the fold goes, how big the sections are and certainly what products you use. It makes a huge difference how I blow my hair dry before I even try to curl it. Once you find the right formula, it’s actually very easy to create.
Since I also cut my hair short this past year, I’ve been trying to go hair with my new short do. And while the products I use are the same, the way I curl up is a little different.

 Waves Flat Iron 2019

Below I added a few tutorials to create beach waves in short hair, which really helped me create this look. But first, before we start, let’s talk about what you need.

Before drying your hair, massage some of this product into your scalp. It can build up very quickly, not too much. he’s just going to do a little bit. Just massage your scalp everywhere. It creates volume in roots that look amazing.

Dry shampoo is not just for oily hair for 3 days! Use this after curling to help give your waves some extra lift and some texture. After curling, spray on the roots and pass your fingers through your hair. it works great when you have fresh waves and want to revive them the next day.


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