Short Fade Haircut Straight Hair 2019


Straight hair is one of the most manageable types of men’s hair and can withstand a lot of styling and be easily tamed. But when done wrong, straight hair can appear loose. What should straight-haired men do? Answer: choose styles that add weight and texture to a great result.

We’ve curated the hair list for men with straight hair. These styles range from conservative to extra casual, so whether you need it or not, it’s one of the most popular hairstyles for straight-haired men, the short, smooth appearance is ideal for straight hair texture.
This look goes a step further by highlighting the fringe to make it the focal point of the style. If you have thin, straight hair, you might find it hard to give your hair the look of fullness, it’s a beautifully balanced look that requires just a little pomade to maintain. And if you have a hairline, it’s even harder. Fortunately, this haircut helps with both issues.

Short Fade Haircut Straight Hair 2019

The fringe covers a large amount of hair surface area by sweeping forward and side. Asymmetry helps add visual contrast and keep everything looking fresh.

The fashionable, contemporary gentleman will appreciate this slick back-to-bottom variation.
This is a stylish way to sport straight hair, with a strong fade on the sides and back and full-bodied hair on the top. It mixes the traditional pompadour look with the contemporary slick back look, and the result is quite chic.

While this look is easier to pull off with thicker hair, it’s certainly possible with thinner hair-all you need is a stronger product. One of our favorite hairstyles for straight-haired men.For those with straight, blonde hair, check out this messy mop-top style. The hair looks windy but not artificially so.

This is a great choice if you find yourself alternating between workplace/classroom and home. With a bit of scanning, you can turn this into a professional side-piece hairstyle. You can then use it for a more comfortable look.


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