Mens Short Haircut Undercut


The Undercut hairstyle is a popular, modern haircut for men. Men have come to prominence in the past few years, with celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Brad Pitt and David Beckham wearing haircuts on the red carpet.

Mens Short Haircut Undercut

More recently, it has become a fashionable hairstyle to wear every day, and it may be the most trending style for men right now.
The different lower cuts have increased in popularity due to the versatility and stylish nature of the haircut. As a top haircut over the past few years, it should not be surprising that numerous variations of men’s undercut are also appearing on the streets.
The picture of Slicked back undercut swept from business style to cool unconnected side, the style range has proved that this hairstyle can be worn for any occasion.

Mens Short Haircut Undercut 2019

As a type of” short edges, long top ” haircut, classic undercut hair mimics the structures of pompadour and quiff, recreating them for a modern era. Instead of a gradual, pale transition to long hair on the top, the highlight of the undercut hairstyle is the sharp contrast between the shaved edges and the voluminous top. After all, medium-length hair that can be coupled with a number of other haircuts to create any style you want from the bottom is cool to short.

mens  hair 2019

Unfortunately, classic undercut is not a hairstyle that suits everyone. The Trendy male haircut has a fairly smooth shape, meaning children with Angular or sharp face shapes such as Square or diamond are perfect for style. The volume of hair on the top gives a rounded appearance that balances and softens the angles of the face.

Those with round or rectangular faces will find that the lower section accentuates the width and length of the face and softens the angles slightly too much. Still, if you like undercutting, give it a try-after all, the rules are made to be broken and you can still pull it off!


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