The grass is always greener on the other side, everyone knows that straight-haired girls prefer curls and girls with curly locks try to fix them. If you have naturally flat hair and don’t always want to shape your hair with hot tools, flat hair can be quite attractive compared to other hairstyles. You can find gorgeous short straight haircuts and styles whether you have thick or thin hair type. The most important thing is that you can definitely postpone it for an extra half hour, because straight hair is the easiest hairstyle!
If you’ve always wanted to cut your long hair, there’s no better time now to ride the short hair wave. The K-Drama industry is leaving generous hints about the growing popularity of short hairstyles. It’s not hard to understand why-shorter hair is comfortable, low-maintenance and, most importantly, versatile enough for most people.


It doesn’t matter if you’re introverted or extroverted, funky or demure-there’s a style for every personality and hair type.
We’ve even added some style ideas to make things easier for you
Bob’s haircut has always been loved and appreciated by many people. The ones sharpen the features and make them look stylish and attractive. Bob is a timeless hairstyle that can be worn by anyone. With tons of modern and fresh takes on this haircut, you can customize it to match your personality. Whether you’re a rocker full of attitude, or the girl next door, short bob can be a great hairdo to make a statement.

F you’ve always dreamed about volume, but if your straight and thin hair doesn’t do the trick, you should opt for some waves. Wob (wavy bob) is the right choice for you. A wavy bob. If your hair is long enough, weave a little and leave overnight. When you unbraid them in the morning, you will love the result. With her hairstyle, she paired it with a red lip. Be a sexy miss toady!


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