Kore Short Hair Balayage


Kore Short Hair Balayage

Choosing your perfect balayage colors is crucial to any cut and color makeup this season! With today’s complex colour schemes, you can leave nothing to chance, and having colours that flatten the tone and eye colour of your skin is crucial. Today’s Gallery has a lot of entirely new colour blends – from sophisticated to classy to quirky, sexy and subtle along the way – to showcase the main trends! Color me crazy about this gorgeous new short haircut with Trendy balayage!

KORE short hair balayage 2019

This model had natural chocolate and caramel balayage highlights in her hair before the surprising style that turned natural curls into trendy waves. The angled bob cut looks magnificently bright after flattening and re-swinging in trendy, loose ringlets!
‘Silver threads among gold’ meant you used to get old, but not now! Silver and gold balayage means staying up to date with the latest hair colour ideas. This beautiful round bob with beautiful twisting waves has a lot of colour depth and texture-a great look to add style and volume to thin hair
Here’s an incredibly stylish cut at the extreme front and rear angle that ends with a pin curl at chin level. This is the perfect short cut to show off the rich copper colours, including copper-brown with lighter balayage highlights. Swept back across the face highlighted this fashionable look with beautiful bump and gorgeous smooth bang volume beautiful!


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