Hair Color Zinc And Copper 2019


Hair Color Zinc And Copper 2019

When your allergies take action, you can’t take action on what constitutes a weather-appropriate outfit, and you want to cry every day at 5pm when you realise it’s two weeks until summer, you know it’s high time for some sort of pick-me-up. You may not be able to smell such a light on your passing jacket or put a hard stop to splurge on, but your appointment with your colourist is all you need to add a breath of fresh air to your whole look and mind.
While Babylights and multidimensional lowlights are something to be said for natural delicacy, this season is really a shade of Burnished Copper high drama, Bright and bright, with surprising pride taking off the colour trend. Celebrity colour expert George Papanikolas says we can expect red shades to dominate hair colour trends… now. “Shades of red and copper will make a strong statement this season,” she says-and seemingly every girl is already on board.

Hair Color Zinc And Copper

In the future, photographic evidence of how red hair dominates street style before spring and summer. Windy blondes and balayage get all the inspiration you need to boost your hair (and mood) on the promise of a fiery, traffic-stopping glow in a sea of brunettes.
You may be thinking right now that you are ready for a change with your hair color. If it’s you and you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve rounded up a number of beautiful hair colour trends for 2019.

It’s the perfect time to change some of those shades and see if any of them interest you. Make sure you pin your favorites on your Pinterest page and share the board with your stylist on your next date to see if any of these trends work for you.


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