Hair Color Trends 2019


There’s no better time than the start of a new year, skipping full steam to fresh resolutions. While some hit the gym enthusiastically—for a few weeks, at least-we get an appointment at the hairdresser as soon as possible. In this delicate period of new beginnings, it is time to follow this impulsive urge to finally change its appearance, beginning with . After that, the possibilities are endless. We anticipate that 2019 will still be about the color of expression that feels (and looks) natural. Between creamy blondes and metallic brunettes, zippy Reds and fried ash shades, these hair colour trends are here to shake things up at their best. In this collection , there’s more than one shade you’d want to shake this, spring, summer and autumn. What say you, this year, everything goes for it. so try one of these hair trends that will help you feel fresh and fabulous in 2019.

Hair Color Trends 2019

Keep the bubbly flowing well after an increasingly New Year’s Eve party with the perfect champagne blonde. Fizzy and light, this shade is not too hot or too ashy. We call it courage, it’s done. The creamy blondes of all shades will be big next year.

trends vary with seasons. In mid-July, you might find yourself laying on hot sand with a bottle of fancy lemon juice praying for brighter blonde highlights, then suddenly a week before December and using words like “hot,” “natural” and “minimal.”
If you haven’t found your winter perfect colour yet (maybe you’re too banged up to get into the salon, for example, we recommend taking a look at hair colour trends that are poised to be big in 2019. Yes, it’s all nice and great for this time of year, but the best part is they’re all super low-maintenance, so you can revive your old highlights or refresh your dark strands without mandatory monthly assignments


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