hair color descriptions



hair color descriptions

As more and more women embrace their natural tissues, free-hand accents are making a big comeback. Instead of using the traditional foil technique, lighting agents are painted through curls to further enhance coiled shapes and shadows, adding instant size.Classic honey blonde is a modern take – a mix of warm (think strawberry blonde) and cool (Think ice blonde) sounds creates an ‘Amber slate’.

Hair Color Descriptions

She is universally proud of all her skin tones and is the ideal seasonal shade.If you are a brunette hoping to add a splash of Colour Blonde or a blonde hoping to tone it down for a cold month, roast blonde is the ideal way to do it. The new colour trend seamlessly combines shades of darker brown with lighter shades of blonde for the ideal Autumn Tone. Explaining her trendy new hair colour on Instagram, colourist Olivia Smalley wrote. “a hybrid combination of cool metallic ash tones in brunette hair.”Are you going to try this season?

True autumn fashion, ginger and Reds are season colours, but chilli chocolate hair is for those of us who are a little nervous about going the full way. The colour consists of a deep chocolate brown with an auburn hue to achieve the illusion of sun-kissed hair without looking unnatural. Her name came from Amanda Leaman of Joi Salon in Boston for a rather revealing reason – she looks just like one of the extremely expensive handmade chocolate bars shot at the exclusive occa


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