Extreme Short Pixie Haircut With Shaved Nape


Extreme Short Pixie Haircut With Shaved Nape

The Pixies haircut comes in all shapes and sizes, from fluffy and feminine to male cut. And today’s top 10 stylish fairy cuts have strong, clean lines to make it all look trendy and glamorous! I added a few different shades of pale blonde and the latest salmon-pink satin blonde to help you choose the best ash blonde shade for your skin tones. But it also has the original’ surface texture’, plus gorgeous brunette short bobs with purple-pink and medium blonde balayage!
This updated catchment cut creates a beautiful, modern look, starting with the shaven nape below the crown’s cute curve.
The hair is lightly stratified, leaving the original density intact.

And swept along the fringe, a flattering side parting breaks the line at the front for a cute facial frame.
The asymmetric vibe continues at the edges, which have slightly textured ends on one side and are seamlessly tucked away on the other.
Shaven, square off side spots complete this stylish, blonde cut!
Here’s a classic favourite in the updated angled bob.
The basic colour is a fine blend of medium auburn and copper, beautifully accented with pink balayage.

Haircut With Shaved Nape 2019

The Toffee is dark brown and has dark roots that blend in rather than stand out in this sleek, young short bob. The curved volume at the back helps you create this beautiful profile look.
And the tips are beautifully textured to a modern short bob fluffy finish! This cut is best achieved by fine to medium hair, so you get lots of shine and soft curves.


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