Diy Short Bob Haircut Tutorial


Chris recommends cutting the length line wet. That way he feels he’s taking more control and a more precise line.
Scan hair using zero height, zero direction and minimum tension in its natural fall.
To protect the corners, start cutting the neckline in a thin C shape, allowing Bob to follow the neckline without losing the corner in his cut the crown and wings dry, cut the back und

Diy Short Bob Haircut Tutorial

er the crown only wet. Throw in the crown or cowlicks that tend to have it, so leave the crown to dry to allow it to separate in the most natural speech before cutting. in cutting the crown, super soft lines were created with incredible precision for the environment and edges. It’s like using a blunt scissors, but instead of re-texturing hair, this scissors does it all together.
Move the back and Crown sideways after drying and cutting.
Blow drying and straight ironing edges allow hair to fall into a longer and more natural position. This is highly recommended before cutting the edges.
Using the symmetry 10/10 texturer, move away from the profile to the edges-you can see the line better that way. Cutting the edges dry allows you to see the full length and line, eliminating any guessing work on how the hair will stretch out when the customer shapes their hair at home
Chris’s favourite bob has a strong but soft base with a crowded interior. This hairstyle looks incredibly straight or curled-it’s your choice! Be sure to check the arc MASTER Series scissors to find the perfect pair.


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