Brown Ombre Short Hair


Want to add zing to your short hair with beautiful ombre shades? It looks for short-haired girls who stand out from the crowd with ombre, If you think you finally seem to have short hair in the swinging ombre, you’ve come to the right place! Whether it’s one of those girls who’ve recently chopped their hair or are looking to get a bob or fairy cut, we just have ombre hair ideas for you. Here are the hair pegs that inspire you.

Brown Ombre Short Hair

This ombre look has a rich pink color on the roots, which shifts to lighter shades. In tips, you can add a plunging painted blue shade to make your look even more fun. This style allows you to playfully separate your hair in a variety of ways, as it gives your hair a lot of movement and depth.
If you’re not into vibrant hues, this neutral ombre combo is ideal for you. Try this on a bob or even shoulder-length hair and see how this combo makes you look edgy. Start with dark brown roots, then slowly fade to Grey at the tips.
For something a little more unique, you can also go for a light, greyish blue colour at the tip of your short hair. This exudes a somewhat mysterious vibe, allowing people to double up when they see you.
This is for all brave ladies who can completely shake off this bold hairstyle—a combination of purple, blue, red and yellow. This ombre look allows some threads to be painted in a flat colour, while a few strands turn into a lighter shade towards the ends of the hair. The best thing about this style: you get to wear rainbow hair while still maintaining your natural black hair color for everything to ground.


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