Best Short Wavy Hairstyles 2019 2020


A new cut or a new hairstyle often causes miracles. After all, they give us a new sense of life and they can also give us a lot of self-confidence and a smile. To make the right choice during the next hair salon visit, we examined which hairstyles are chic and which hairstylists, stars and street designers are preferred in 2019. Your expectation, whether short or long, can be the right trend for every woman.

The baby button is a great choice for those who want to be quick in the morning. Unlike the ballerina button, which is characterized by its tight appearance, small hairs and strands of hair are shed on the hairline. Difference to messy bun: Mane is still a high bun and is tightly tied.

We feel that way again in the ‘ 80s. currently, in addition to carrot trousers, shoulder leggings and neon colors, all women (and also men) are creatures of the curly hairstyles trend. This year, curly hairstyles are back, so we’re making not only beach waves but also curls. What do you need for style? A hair tongs, a lot of hairspray and your fingertips. Don’t comb your hair with a brush or comb for the perfect surface, but pump it with your hands. Thus, the structure of curls is preserved and it is not yet seen that korun is made in this way. If you don’t have time for hair styling in the morning, your hair can be left overnight with the help of curlers.


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